Old Blue

Featured in the 2009 Calgary Stampede Western Art Gallery

"Old Blue"

The treasures found on the prairie landscape are not restricted to natural beauty. This vintage 1948 Ford pickup was mostly rusted iron except for one front fender. The deteriorating layers of metal, body filler and paint create a rich patina of color and texture. Like all old wrecks, "Old Blue" has his own distinct personality and a story to tell us.

Looking Back

Featured in the 2008 Calgary Stampede Western Art Gallery

"Looking Back"

Peering in the window of this old homestead out on the prairies, I imagined what the view might have been like one hundred years ago. The light was perfect...

Every year I'm saddened to find that some of my favorite haunts have been demolished or have finally succumbed to the years. Fortunately, many prairie landowners have generously chosen to leave these historic relics and their shelter belts as wildlife habitat. This photo is dedicated to them.

Golden Aspens

"Golden Aspens"

Mother Nature embraces us and fills our senses with her intensity. As she shares the beauty of the autumn season, aspen poplars glow with golden warmth and the rich scent of decay is in the air. Even the sound of their leaves fluttering in the breeze brings comfort. The flattened leaf stems offer little resistance to the wind - and this is why First Nations People named the aspen poplar "the noisy tree".

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