Two Bison

"Two Bison"

A western icon, bison have been depicted by man ever since he picked up a piece of charcoal and began to draw on cave walls. In early black and white photos, color was added by hand tinting. “Two Bison” has a similar nostalgic mood while incorporating a contemporary edge, as well.

Bison roamed freely until the mid 1800's. A wild population of Wood Bison still exists in and around Wood Bison National Park and in the Hay Zama region of northern Alberta.

“The whol face of the country was covered with herds of buffaloe, elk and antelopes...they are so gentle that we pass near them without appearing to excite alarm among them."
-Meriwether Lewis, 1805

Cheif Motel

"Chief Motel"

This (politically incorrect) vintage neon sign still stands in front of (what is left of) a motel in a small town in beautiful central rural Montana.

Prairie Classic

"Prairie Classic"

This  beauty, possibly a 1939 – 1941 Nash, is accented by rust, oxidation and a little frost. The stories she could tell!

I found her resting a few miles from the Saskatchewan border on a September morning.

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