War Paint Orig

"War Paint"

The Native American war horse was highly regarded by its owner, who often honored and protected him by painting tribal symbols upon the animal's body. These symbols would indicate enemies killed, ponies stolen or perhaps the nature of the dangerous work which the horse would be asked to do. The symbols often told of the courageous heart of the horse and even of the horse's affection for the warrior who rode him into battle. This palomino paint horse was given a circle around his eye for alert vision, while feathers braided in his mane counted coup.

Photographic giclee with acrylic paint on canvas, framed 40" x 40" - First in series $2200 SOLD, 8 x 10 study framed $300 SOLD

Photographic giclee with acrylic paint on canvas, beautiful dark brown wood frame with muted gold filet 40" x 40" - Second in series and a little different ...as shown $2500


"Spirit Horse"

This magnificent stallion is adorned with trappings celebrating his brave and loyal deeds. However, he is no longer of this world. Unaware he was mortally wounded in battle, he searches for his rider and master - a Crow warrior.

These beautiful horse ornaments are featured in the Smithsonian Museum. I was inspired to recreate them with paint and place them upon a horse ...as I did the horse's story evolved.

Mixed media - acrylic paint and pen with my own photography of horse and trees; vintage Crow and Lakota battle images on canvas.

Set within a gorgeous aged gold patina floater frame 15" x 15" $350 SOLD


the last

"The Last Bull"

The First Nation People's bond with bison runs deep: not only were they spiritually tied to this majestic and powerful animal, they depended upon it for their very survival.

"The Last Bull" is inspired by a very old photograph in the personal collection of a family ranch established in the late 1880's near Walsh, Alberta. The haunting image showed a rogue bull that wandered the grasslands alone long after the vast herds had vanished from the plains.

This mixed media piece includes my photography and acrylic paint and pen collaged on canvas with archival photographs and newspaper articles in the public domain. Respectfully included are the following: Animal Locomotion - Eadweard Muybridge, 1877. The photographer of the bison skulls is unknown, the year is 1880 - Burton Historical Collection. The newspaper article was featured by the New York Herald in 1887, as shown. The quote belongs to Chief Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iotake). Gratitude to my kind rancher friend for sharing history with me.

The canvas is studded on the sides with bronze nails and surrounded by a beautiful aged copper patina floater frame 19" x 23" $500 SOLD



"Two Bison"

A western icon, bison have been depicted by man ever since he picked up a piece of charcoal and began to draw on cave walls. In early black and white photos, color was added by hand tinting. "Two Bison" has a similar nostalgic mood while incorporating a contemporary edge, as well.

"The whol face of the country was covered with herds of buffaloe, elk and antelopes...they are so gentle that we pass near them without appearing to excite alarm among them.'' - Meriwether Lewis, 1805

Photographic giclee with acrylic paint and resin on canvas, each one unique in color and texture. Commissions taken.

Gallery wrapped 20" x 15" (turquoise jewel edition) $500 SOLD, Framed 34" x 28" (turquoise and copper edition) $1150 SOLD Gallery wrapped canvas 20" x 15" (cognac and pearls edition) as shown $500 SOLD Gallery wrapped canvas (turquoise and bronze edition) 40 x 30 $2200 SOLD

Gallery wrapped with floater frame 42 x 32 $2600 SOLD



"Shaman's Horse"

The Shaman or Medicine Man was one of the most valued and influential members of the tribe, second only to the Chief. He was also the people's the link to the spirit world. This Shaman's horse wears a feather bundle in his forelock for protection.

Photographic giclee with acrylic paint, feathers, bison fur, leather, faux bear claw, turquoise and beads on canvas.

Gallery wrapped 24" x 20" $500 SOLD



"Caballo de Pinto"

In 1888, Frederic Remington said of the horse, "One thing is certain; of all the remnants the Spaniard has left to glorify his reign in America, there will be none more worthy than his horse the Spaniard's horses may be found today in countless thousands, from the city of the Montezumas to the regions of perpetual snow; they are grafted into our equine wealth and make an important impression on the horse of the country. They have borne the Moor, the Spanish conqueror, the Indian, the mountain man, and the vaquero through all the glories of their careers."

Acrylic with ink on studded canvas, beautifully framed with burnished copper filet 17" x 17" $400


"Shewolf Totem"

She is warrior and hunter, partner and mother, and she has earned her place in this world. Symbolic of freedom, her totem is courage, strength and loyalty.

"My heart is tuned to the spirit of the wolf. In these eyes I see the beauty and grandeur that is the wilderness." Author Unknown

Acrylic paint and pen with ink on canvas set within a striking black frame 15" x 13" $300 SOLD

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