Gift for Sister

"Gift for Sister"

"Older sister come outside, horses I am bringing back. Older sister come outside, you may catch one of them." These words are from a very old song written after a successful horse raid.

Acrylic 20 x 20 gallery wrap $700 SOLD

The Dark Horse

"The Dark Horse"

These are some of my oldest horses and sadly they have gone on to their last pasture. The dark bay horse in the shadows was named "Skedaddle Fly" on his papers - but we just called him Buddy. One of the sweetest horses that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Acrylic gallery wrap in floater frame 18 x 24 $850

The Sky Watchers

"The Sky Watchers"

Oh, the wonder of it all. I am blessed to be among kindred spirits who appreciate those things which are both precious AND infinite.

Acrylic mixed media 12 x 16, plus gorgeous frame $475



The human soul loves, needs and responds to sacred rituals. We pick up feathers, bones, sticks and stones ...and lay them out ...still.

Acrylic mixed media featuring trade beads, wax thread, leather and feathers, gallery wrap with nail studded sides 18 x 24 $850 SOLD


"Medicine Wheel II"

Sacred places emit energy and so it is no wonder that these stone circles are so compelling. There are 70 known medicine wheel sites in the northern plains and more than half of them are in Alberta. Featuring quills, trade beads of glass, bone and metal, copper wire, wax thread, nails and brads.

Acrylic 8 x 8 gallery wrap set within floater frame $250 SOLD

Savanna Equus

"Savanna Equus"

Equine evolution began 54 million years ago in North America. Eventually the Equus populating steppes became horses, desert dwellers became asses and those in the savannas formed the zebra species. This piece features tiny painted feathers, trade beads and copper wire.

Acrylic mixed media 8 x 10 gallery wrap with studded sides $300 SOLD

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