Tiny Prancer

"Tiny Prancer"

Featuring feathers, trade beads, leather and brads - along with leopard print side treatment and a glossy finish.

Acrylic 8 x 8 gallery wrap $175 SOLD

Fur Trade

"Crow Horses III"

The Calgary Stampede Ranch paint horses are so beautiful that I cannot get enough of playing with this image - this time playing up the blues. This mixed media begins with my own photography embellished with acrylic paint, trade beads, feathers, copper wire, wax thread and nails.

Acrylic mixed media gallery wrap, nail studded sides 20 x 18 $800 SOLD

Held Sacred

"Held Sacred"

Look to the light and see that which is held sacred, honour the ritual... and in Grace we will know each other -t.b.

Acrylic, hide, wax thread, trade bead, copper wire and paper 16 x 20 $650

Primitive Funk

"Primitive Funk"

It's frustrating. But some of us were just born after our time.

Acrylic, feathers, trade beads, copper wire, gallery wrap with leopard print side treatment 24 x 24 $950


"Night Sky Wheel"

It is interesting the role your subconscious plays when you are creating... I had been thinking of painting a large piece for myself inspired by an ancient Alberta medicine wheel. (Bison bone found in the center cairn of the stone circle is dated to 4,500 years old!) In my mind's eye, this new piece would be silhouetted against a night sky. In the meantime, and much to my surprise - a night sky appeared in the background of the piece I was actually immersed in. This is it! This painting features a found feather bundle, a river polished stone from the South Saskatchewan River in SE Alberta, vintage copper wire and wax thread, glass beads brought from Europe to trade in Montana in the 1800s, large African porcupine quills, copper and brass beads also from Africa - likely made from old ammo. The age of the bone bead... only the Creator knows.

Acrylic 12 x 12 gallery wrap $450 SOLD

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